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(Edinburgh, Scotland)

Edinburgh combines a surging local economy with its trademark historical charm. While it is one of Britain's foremost financial, political, and commercial centers, it is better known for its rich history and culture, magnificent architecture, and thriving cultural institutions.

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is nestled in between the Firth of Forth and the Lothian Hills. The city is around 665 km / 413 miles away from busy London, and has a rich literary and cultural heritage. The city is packed with ancient churches, castles, houses, and pastoral villages. The city streets are made of cobblestone, perfect for walking around and enjoying the city's forests, clear lakes, and green hills.

What to do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is very conducive for long walks around the city, admiring the architecture and taking in the fresh air. If you like a little company, you can join one of the walking tours, where you will be taken to museums, castles, and tourist attractions that have helped it become a World Heritage site. For a more quiet and relaxed experience, you can take a day trip to the countryside and surrounding villages. Here you can see dozens of historical spots, old castles and monuments, and miles of harbor and coastline. Its history is balanced by the modernity found in its shopping centres, restaurants, financial districts, and recreational facilities.

Guests can sample the city's local and international restaurants and pubs. The Royal Mile and Prince Street are a shopaholic's heaven.

In the evenings, it is hard to miss the many bars and pubs scattered all over the city. Edinburgh has a reputation for lively festivities and a bustling nightlife - in fact, the Edinburgh Festivals are a must-see if you happen to be visiting in the late summer. From August to September, the Scots gather for a series of festivals celebrating everything cultural - film, theater, art, dance, music, books.

Tourist Attractions

Perhaps the most famous structure in Edinburgh is the 11th-century Edinburgh Castle overlooking the city. Sitting on top of a volcanic crag (known as Castle Rock) and almost completely surrounded by cliffs, the castle makes a magnificent view. When viewed in the early morning, the surrounding mist makes it look almost surreal.

At the far end of the Royal Mile near Holyrood House, you can find the Dynamic Earth, a geographical museum featuring striking displays of the Earth's interior and the world's most scenic places, as well as images taken from space of the Earth and other planets. Holyroodhouse Palace is the former residence of Mary Queen of Scots and is now the British Royal Family's official residence in Scotland. On overcast days, travellers can enjoy the Renaissance and Post-Impressionistic sculptures and paintings in the National Gallery of Scotland. Wildlife enthusiasts can visit the Edinburgh Zoo, where they can find exotic animals they may not see anywhere else. Edinburgh Zoo devotes itself to the preservation of endangered species. Some of the more popular attractions are poison-arrow frogs, white rhinos, and a large penguin pool.

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