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Edinburgh is a student-friendly town in that it offers a number of on- and off-campus accommodation for students. Several hotels and inns are also available for visitors.

Hotels and Accommodation

For visitors coming to Edinburgh, the city offers a variety of hotels, inns, apartments and campsites. This accommodation can be used for short or long stays, and comes with basic bed, desk, and shower facilities. More expensive accommodation has swimming pools, bars, and satellite television, for a more luxurious stay.

Student Accommodation

The university provides its students with over 25 on-campus and off-campus residences. This accommodation comes in catered or self-catered types. There are approximately 4,300 freshman students who reside in university accommodation.

Catered accommodation is located in Pollock Halls. These halls are comprised of eight houses and have mostly single bedrooms with ensuite facilities like kitchens and launderettes. These houses have common areas and pantries for preparing and storing food.

Self-catered accommodation is found near King's Buildings. Most of the university accommodation is single bedroom, but there are a few residences that offer shared such as David Horn and Kitchener residences. These residences, which have a kitchen and common room, can accommodate 90 undergraduates.

Prospective students scouting Edinburgh University or parents helping their children get settled can choose from several accommodation options. If you are visiting during spring or summer break, the University can offer you a place to stay within the campus. Otherwise, there are a wide range of quality hotels to choose from, all less than one kilometer from the University.

A five-minute drive from the campus will take you to Tailors Tall Hotel, which is the most accessible hotel from the University. Here you can visit lively bars and pubs or take long walks on the sprawling cobblestone courtyard. For a more homey feel, you can check out Royal Mile Apartments, some 300 meters along South Bridge where the Old College stands. Royal Mile offers fully equipped lodging with DVD players, digital and widescreen TV, and broadband Internet access. You can also enjoy a great view of the nearby Edinburgh Castle and other tourist attractions.

First-time students can choose from two types of lodging: catered and self-catered. Catered accommodation includes meal served at fixed times of the day, while self-catered dormitories are provided with well-equipped kitchens where students can fix their own meals anytime. Self-catered dorms are David Horn and Kitchener, located close to the Kings Buildings and taking in about 100 new freshmen every year. Pollock Hall is the premier catered residence, with eight separate houses housing some 1,800 students.

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