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Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Edinburgh University
(Edinburgh, Scotland)

The University of Edinburgh is accessible by road or air. The main roads to take when reaching the university are the A8, M1, M6, A74, and the A702. These roads connect the city to Glasgow, London, and other major UK cities. Roads in Edinburgh are well signposted, which makes reaching the university very easy.

Those travelling by car can reach the University via the City Bypass A720. From there, you can enter the A701 highway, which will take you to the SciEng Faculty Office where it turns into Mayfield Road. Four entrance gates can be found in this area - two on Mayfield and two on West Mains Road. Drive straight ahead from one of these gates through Causewayside to reach the University's central area.

Edinburgh University is easily accessible by car, train, bus, coach, or cab. Since it is located at the heart of the city, it is minutes away from all terminals and stations. You will find that the campus is within walking distance from all city facilities, but if you prefer faster and more convenient travel, you have a lot of options as well.

Travel by Air

The city's main airport is Edinburgh International Airport. It is just 13 km / 8 miles west of the heart of Edinburgh and serves most international airlines coming to and from various European countries. Aside from the usual arrival facilities, BAA Edinburgh Airport has family-friendly facilities such as play areas near Gates 2, 4, and 11, several baby changing facilities, and family-friendly parking options. Transportation support is also excellent. Those coming from the Edinburgh airport should have no problems finding a car to rent for their stay. Car rental representatives are all over the airport, and most companies should get you to your car of choice in no time.

Edinburgh Airport (EDI) Information - Useful information about Edinburgh (EDI) Airport

Car Parking

Parking terminals are available outside Edinburgh International Airport. These parking facilities have long- and short-term spaces that can be used for a fee. The university provides around a dozen permit parking spaces and two public parking spaces. Permit parking is typically used for staff and students, while public parking is used for visitors. University parking spaces are strategically located around the campus. Parking can be difficult inside the university campus, particularly in populated areas such as lecture halls and dormitories.

The City of Edinburgh implements a Central Parking System. Parking attendants are available to keep traffic moving. There is about 12,000 parking spaces available on the streets, and more than 5,000 of those are pay and display spaces.

Travel by Trains and Rail Travel

If you are travelling by train, you can get off at Waverley Station (all lines make a stop here), from which you can take a 15-minute walk to the university or take a cab or bus to get you there.

Edinburgh has an efficient train system that connects the city to all the major UK spots. Travellers from London can reach Edinburgh in less than five hours using the Edinburgh-London train. Travellers disembark at King's Cross station. From there, they can take buses, taxis, and shuttles to their hotel accommodation or to the university.

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Travel by Buses and Coach Travel

Travellers coming from airports and train stations can hop on Edinburgh buses which take them directly to hotels, the university, and to other nearby city destinations. Edinburgh buses leave every 15 minutes during busy hours, and usually reach the city centre in just 25 minutes.

Edinburgh's bus system uses Automatic Vehicle Location technology (AVL), which allows the City to track 250 buses and give commuters accurate, up to date information about bus arrival and traffic situations.

Travel by Taxis

Edinburgh has one of the most efficient taxi fleets in Europe. All cabs go through strict yearly testing, and all Edinburgh taxi drivers are certified to have passed a very good knowledge of Edinburgh streets and landmarks.

Taxis can be hailed outside airports, bus stations, and train stations. These taxis charge by the meter and can take travellers directly to their accommodation or city destinations. Expect a 25-minute drive from Edinburgh International Airport to the city proper.

Edinburgh University

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