University of Edinburgh

Fast Facts and Figures about the University
(Edinburgh, Scotland)

Here are some useful facts and figures about the University of Edinburgh.

  • Edinburgh University Established / Founded: 1583
  • Locations and Campus: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Number of Colleges at Edinburgh University: 3 - College of Humanities and Social Science (HSS), College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (MVM), and the College of Science and Engineering (SciEng)
  • Enrollment: approximately 24,000
  • Number of Staff at Edinburgh University: 7,400
  • Attendance at Edinburgh University: graduates - 5,700 / undergraduates - 18,200
  • Edinburgh University Societies and Clubs: numerous societies including art, backgammon, bridge, chess, economics, music and photography
  • Attractions Nearby: Robert the Bruce's Foot Soldiers, Edinburgh Experience, Edinburgh Festival Theatre and Edinburgh Kings Theatre
  • Other Useful Information About Edinburgh University:

Edinburgh University

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