University of Edinburgh

University Colleges and Facilities
(Edinburgh, Scotland)

Edinburgh University is composed of three colleges and a total of 21 schools, plus over 200 sub-units, centers, and institutes. The three colleges are the College of Humanities and Social Science (HSS), College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (MVM), and the College of Science and Engineering (SciEng).


The HSS is home to a number of impressive museums and galleries. The Edinburgh University Historical Musical Instruments are on display at the Reid Concert Hall, while the Russell Collection of early keyboard instruments is open for public viewing at St. Cecelia's Concert Hall in the Cowgate. The Talbot Rice Gallery is a large, multipurpose art gallery for photo and art exhibits.


The MVM supports the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility (WTCRF), which grants funds for advancing research in medical technology. It also holds regular seminars and forums on current medical issues and research progress.


The SciEng college boasts of state-of-the-art laboratories, most prominently the Collaborative Optical Spectroscopy Micromanipulation and Imaging Centre (COSMIC), which facilitates pioneering research on optical techniques and imaging of complex materials for study and practical applications.

Edinburgh University

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