University of Edinburgh

University Faculties, Schools and Departments
(Edinburgh, Scotland)

There are three faculties in the university.

College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
  • The School of Biomedical Sciences
  • The School of Molecular and Clinical Medicine
  • Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies
  • The School of Clinical Sciences and Community Health

College of Science and Engineering
  • The School of Chemistry
  • The School of Engineering and Electronics
  • The School of Mathematics
  • The School of GeoSciences
  • The School of Biological Sciences
  • The School of Informatics
  • The School of Physics

College of Humanities and Social Science
  • The School of Divinity
  • The School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures
  • The School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences
  • The School of History and Classics
  • The School of Law
  • Management School and Economics
  • The Moray House School of Education
  • The School of Arts, Culture and Environment
  • The School of Health in Social Science
  • The School of Social and Political Studies

The degrees can be taken in many combinations - you can study geography and politics together, chemistry and management, or computers and linguistics. The programme offerings are designed for a well-rounded education in the sciences, aimed at promoting scientific practice for social welfare rather than technological applications.

Edinburgh University

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